October has been a busy Month!

Driving to Pinto Creek during October and early November has taken quite a few hours out of my days.  It was well worth the time spent though.  I was able to find some quality material and get some awesome photos.

Mossy Glade

Peace in the woods.

I spent most of the time exploring the upper Pinto Creek area.  I don’t think I have seen a creek with this many water falls in such a short distance.  In addition to the ones above the road, at least 10 of them, there are 4 or more below the road.  The ones below the road are the most spectacular.

Water Fall

This one was the second one we found below the road.

This falls is about 40 feet tall, and I found some of my best material below this site.


One of the best.


Small but beautiful.

In addition to the above I found a couple of pieces that still had the matrix attached.


Some of the best color combinations I have found.

Heading down stream we came across a spectacular water fall combination.  Two creeks merged at an 80 foot cliff and provided quite a scene.

Water Falls

This scene speaks for itself.

There didn’t seem to be much material in this area so we explored some more and enjoyed the scenery and mushrooms.


This guy was a least as large as a dinner plate.

I am not a mushroom hunter.  The extent of my mushroom knowledge is very limited, but couldn’t help admiring the variety of them in this area.  I don’t think any of them are edible though.

This area is very rugged, and probably wouldn’t make a good place to rock hunt if small children are along.

Here is a group shot of the best of what I found on the trips to this area.


Thanks for joining me.






6 thoughts on “October has been a busy Month!

  1. Dorothy

    Very nice! I found smaller, but similar, color combinations in a creek south of Pinto this past summer as well. I also found a piece that goes from yellow to green. What will you do with these?

    1. chasfire Post author

      Dorothy: I haven’t decided what to do with these finds yet. The small one is already cut and ready to be cabbed, but I haven’t figured out what style of cab I want to do. Glad you were able to find material in that area.


  2. Gene

    Pinto creek? hmm, never heard of it. But such beautiful scenery. The colors in the material you showed about made me wet my pants, that stuff is awesome :-)

    Gene Rudy

    1. chasfire Post author

      Gene: The colors are amazing. The pieces also have quite a high agate content. With private forest lands getting closed I am forced to travel farther for material, but the scenery is an added bonus.


  3. Dorothy

    I have to admit I’m just a wee bit excited by all the rain this area has gotten…hoping that some good material has been moved down stream by all this water! Or been uncovered by moving rocks/shifting sand, lol.

    1. chasfire Post author

      Dorothy: Rain is good, but mud slides and downed trees are a pain when trying to access the area.

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