A Day of Leisure!

Today I was able to get out on a creek with my daughter Leilani, and friend Chuck. ?We spent several hours wading down the creek and scaling the water falls to find some nice jasper.


The Largest of the many waterfalls we found.

We found quite a lot of jasper in between the waterfalls, although most of it was in the form of seams embedded in the basalt bedrock. ?Here is one example of the loose ones we found.


Jasper nodule and seam.

The temperature was just right, and the water was cool but not freezing. ?Here is an example of the seams in the basalt.

Jasper Seam

This jasper would be hard to extract.

We also found evidence of the wildlife that depend on the purity of the creeks in the area.


Tracks are an indicator of an excellent fisherman.

There was an area that looked like it contained some white quartz.


Large quartz nodule.

We continued down the creek until it was time to head home. Here are some more of the waterfalls along this creek. ?You can click on the image to see a larger version.

Chuck was in a hurry to catch up with Leilani and I even though we were going pretty slow.


Fast moving Chuck.

Thanks for joining us.