Orbicular Jasper

Skokomish River HAUL!!!

Hiking two miles with 65 pounds on your back is alright for the young and foolish, but as I get older I find it harder to carry that much rock. ?Scott and I headed for the Skokomish River today to look for orbicular jasper, and when we found two large boulders of orbicular jasper, we couldn’t leave them behind.

Skokomish River

Low water on the Skokomish.

Thankfully, Scott is still young enough to think carrying that much weight is not that big of a deal.

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Return to the Skokomish.

My son, Scott, is home for a few days and wants to go rockhounding. He read about the large jasper piece Chuck, Becky and I found on the Skomomish River, and after discussing it we decided to go look at it and possibly haul it home. ?After all Scot is young and has a strong back, so carrying 40 or 50 pounds 2+ miles should be easy.


Getting ready to hike.

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