Moss Agate

What to do when Field trips can’t happen!!

I love to go on field trips, but sometimes it just isn’t in the cards. ?That is the situation so far this month. ?So what do I do? ?Mostly I keep my eye on garage sales, craig’s list, and other sources for buying rocks inexpensively.

Montana Agate

The largest Montana Agate I have ever found.

I was able to purchase a nice bunch of material recently, and wanted to show what could be waiting for you with a little bit of luck. ?Not much narrative in this report, but the pictures will speak for themselves.

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Yellowstone Adventure.

Montana Agate is one of my favorite stones to work with, so when I get a chance to visit my daughter, who happens to be in Billings this year, I can’t wait to head for the Yellowstone River. ?My time was short, and after spending a hot afternoon checking out the area around Hysham, I decided to get up at 3:30am and check out a gravel pit I located.

Montana Sunrise

Montana has some beautiful sunrises.

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