What to do when Field trips can’t happen!!

I love to go on field trips, but sometimes it just isn’t in the cards. ?That is the situation so far this month. ?So what do I do? ?Mostly I keep my eye on garage sales, craig’s list, and other sources for buying rocks inexpensively.

Montana Agate

The largest Montana Agate I have ever found.

I was able to purchase a nice bunch of material recently, and wanted to show what could be waiting for you with a little bit of luck. ?Not much narrative in this report, but the pictures will speak for themselves.

Montana Agate

Side view of this monster.

Willow Creek Jasper

Top quality Willow Creek Jasper is getting hard to find.

Blue Ice Polka Dot

The colors of this one are outstanding.


This Rhodonite is really nice.

Blue Forest Wood

One of the nicer Blue Forest Limbs I have seen.


If anyone knows what this is please let me know. I love the fern dendrites.


Possibly a thunderegg.


Another unknown. Anyone have any ideas?

Finally one really nice 13 pound piece of Maury Mountain Moss cut polished and waiting for the clock works.

Maury Mountain Moss

Not often do you find them already polished.

Thanks for looking, and have a great day.



2 thoughts on “What to do when Field trips can’t happen!!

    1. chasfire Post author

      Garry: It was a very successful rock hunt. I also ended up with an additional 54lbs of Montana Agate, and 82lbs of possibly India blackskin agate. Total haul for this trip was 215lbs.


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