Mount Saint Helens Photography Adventure

This is the first of a new addition to my website.  I will continue to add both Rockhound Trips and Photo Trips, while combining them into one post on occasion.

Doug and I headed up to Mount Saint Helens today.  I had read a weather report that said thunder storms were predicted, and I wanted to see if I could get some lightening pictures.  Alas it was not to be.

The gate to Johnston Ridge was closed so we had to stop at the Hummocks Trail parking lot and hike out the trail for 1/2 mile to get a good look at the mountain.

There were some wildflowers blooming, but there should be a lot more a little later.

The followingimages are a few that I was able to take while there.  All the images were taken with a Nikon D750 and Nikon 20-300 AF lens.

Enjoy the images.


2 thoughts on “Mount Saint Helens Photography Adventure

  1. Gene Rudy

    You sure have an eye for photography, your pictures are awesome. On an unrelated note, I know you dont really like to give out details on collecting sites, and if you remember any of my comments I always dream of getting out and looking. If you could private email me some basic directions of where to go around the greenwater area it would be greatly appreciated. Not saying I will be able to go, but just incase ya know….. Im still hoping to maybe get to the skokomish river sometime soon. Also, out in the olympic national forest, up at around 3000ft, we found something interesting. This rock is red, some is a brick red, some brighter. the strange thing ( beyond what I mentioned already) is that it kinda has a grain look to it, like its wood. but I dont think it is, due to the shear size of the rock deposit, there is also a considerable amount of quartz in and around this rock, not big chunks of quarts but 5 to maybe 15 pound pieces. I have a picture of 2 large pieces of the red, I will send them to you if you let me know how to :-) Anyway, thank you sir for your sharing your adventures and photos.
    Gene Rudy

    1. chasfire Post author

      Gene: I usuaslly don’t mind sharing location information. If you can access my maps pages you can find a pdf map of the Greenwater collecting area. It has a number of locations that have produced nice jaspers and agates. You can email me at with the pictures. I would be interested in seeing them.


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