Road Cuts still produce.

Garry, Woody and I headed out to check out a road cut in the Greenwater area.  Arriving at about 10:00am, we started digging in an area that had been recently dug.

Road Cut

This area didn’t look all that promising.

However, I started finding material in the tailings pile, so we climbed up the short slope and started digging away.

Garry and Woody

Digging on a slope is not as easy as it looks.

Any time you are digging near a road you should always make sure you don’t roll any rocks into the road bed.  Remember SAFETY FIRST!

We spent about three hours at this spot and the material was mostly compact quartz with some whitish agate.


The biggest piece I found.

There were also a lot of pieces with vugs in them that were filled with crystals.  I haven’t identified all of the crystals yet but it appears that most of them are small quartz.


A small vug on the right side of this piece.

I don’t know if we will ever return to this spot, but it was fun to spend a day enjoying the company of good friends.

Thanks for joining us.




2 thoughts on “Road Cuts still produce.

  1. Zac

    Hey there! I’ve dug super deep on that dig. If you are on the same road, stop way before that dig at the first site. Huuuge agates. I have many from the spot. You should see a big tree completely dug out unfortunately. That’s the spot.

    1. chasfire Post author

      Zac: I have dug at the first site and found some amazing material. I don’t go there very often because of the undercutting of the bank and the dangerous rocks rolling down on the road. I am really surprised that the US Forest Service hasn’t closed it yet.


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