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October 2000
Maps of the Northwest by Compass Mentus!
Commitment to Quality
Compass Mentus is committed to bringing you products of the highest quality.
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Gifford Pinchot 
Mt. Baker/Snoqualmie 
Olympic National Forest 

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Weyerhaeuser St. Helens Tree Farm

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Cinnamon Trail

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Construction Alert!!!


 Tree Pruning GMTA 9/6/2000
Underground Utilities at Beaver Campground GMTA 9/14/2000
Bucking/Loading/Hauling Logs GCV 9/14/2000
Yellowjacket Flood Repair GCV 9/19/2000
North Fork Cispus Flood Repair GCV 9/20/2000
Tree topping GMSH 9/22/2000
McClellan Viewpoint Landscaping GPFH 9/26/2000
Dry Creek Stream and Riparian Rehabilitation GMTA 9/27/2000

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Nooksack Roads Phase 1 MBRD 9/1/2000
Skookum Flats Trail #1194 MWRRD 9/8/2000
Precommercial thinning MNBRD 9/12/2000
Carbon/Chenius Creek ERFO MWRRD 9/15/2000
Carbon River Bridge MWRRD 9/18/2000
Middle Fork Elbow & Park Butte Trail Reconstruction MBRD 9/19/2000
Gold Creek Pond Trail MNBRD 9/20/2000
Ruby Creek Trail bridge MBRD 9/21/2000
Humpback Creek Trail bridge MNBRD 9/22/2000
Monte Cristo Road repair  MDRD 9/22/2000
Trail Maintenance MNBRD 9/26/2000
Lake 22 reconstruction MDRD 9/27/2000
Troublesome Creek paving MSRD 9/27/2000
Suntop Trail #1183 9/29/2000


Wildlife tree topping OHOOD 9/6/2000
Acrow Bridge Project OQUIN 9/13/2000
Precommercial thinning OSOLE 9/13/2000
2932 Road & Spurs Drainage & Stabilization OSOLE 9/15/2000
Cedar Creek Road Decommissioning & Stabilization OHOOD 9/15/2000
Deep Creek 400 Road system stabilization OSOLE 9/15/2000
Trout Creek storm damage repair OHOOD 9/15/2000
Rocky Brook storm damage repair OQUIL 9/26/2000
W.Br. Wynoochee & Baker Creek storm damage repair OHOOD 9/26/2000

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Weyerhaeuser St. Helens Tree Farm

The Weyerhaeuser Company has just printed a new St. Helens Tree Farm map for the year 2000.  It is a lot smaller that the previous map and shows a lot more of the road network for the area.  The map gives a lot of the Weyerhaeuser road numbers and clearly shows where the gates are located.  It still doesn't contain contours, but it does show the major peaks in the area.

It is a good resource and is considerably improved on the previous map.

 Order yours today from Compass Mentus.

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Cinnamon Trail

"I emerged from a patch of old-growth timber into a grassy clearing, with a fine view of the mudflow-scarred southern flank of Mount St. Helens.  I munched my sandwich, lay down and snoozed a few minutes.
Opening my eyes, I spotted something moving in the distance.  An Elk?  After a quick look through binoculars, three thoughts jolted me awake:
It was a bear.
It was right on the trail ahead.
It was perhaps fortunate that my wife was too busy with studies to come along on this hike."

This introduction to the Cinnamon Trail was written by Tom Paulu, outdoors reporter for the Longview Washington Daily News.  Tom goes on to give a good description on the new Cinnamon Trail that has just been completed.  This trail is open to hikers, horses, and mountain bikers, although the section I hiked was still pretty soft and steep for good mountain biking.

The trail is 8.5 miles long and generally follows a ridge, with peaks as high as 3800 feet.  It gains about 1400 feet in elevation, with most of the gain at the west end.  It runs between the Kalama Horse Camp, on Forest Road 8100, and Redrock Pass.  There are plenty of other trails in the area and the Toutle Trail #238 can be combined with it to create a 14 mile loop hike. 

The Trail is too new to be on any map, but it is easy to get to by following State Highway 503 to just before the town of Cougar.  Turn left on Forest Road 8100 and go past Lake Merrill till you reach the Kalama Horse Camp & trailhead.  The area itself is on numerous maps including The Gametrails series Marble map.

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